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Theft Offenses Can Ruin Your Career

Having a criminal record of any kind can affect many aspects of your life, from your reputation to your freedom. Having a conviction for a theft offense can be particularly troubling due to the “dishonest” nature of the offense. Employers, education administrators and others can – and often do – make negative or unwarranted assumptions about your character that influence their decisions.

When Experience Matters – Call A Former Prosecutor

When you contact The Law Office of Brian J. Lockwood, LLC, in Mobile, we will fight to minimize the consequences of any arrest or criminal accusation. Our attorney’s first priority is always to work toward having the charges dismissed. When that is not possible, he looks for ways to keep the conviction off your permanent record. Call us 24/7 at 251-298-8554 to talk about your options today.

What Is Theft? What Are The Criminal Consequences?

Under the Criminal Code of Alabama, a theft occurs when you knowingly obtain, possess or use deception to gain control over property that does not legally belong to you. Whether you will be charged with a misdemeanor or felony depends on many factors, including:

  • The total value of property involved: Statutes separate levels of offense by the value of the property involved, with benchmarks at $500 and $2,500.
  • The type of property involved: Property such as firearms, trade secrets, charitable donations and other types are treated differently under the law.
  • How you obtained the property: Did you find property that belongs to another? Was the property reported as stolen? Did you transport property across state lines?
  • Where was the property: Was the property located in a residence, making it a burglary? Were people at home at the time? Was it in a retail store? Was it left at your home? Did you use force to commit a robbery?
  • When you are charged: Yes, timing can matter, because the law changes constantly. As of January 2016, many amendments went into effect that altered the charging and sentencing of theft offenses — and there is no guarantee this will not happen again.

Every one of the factors mentioned above can quickly complicate your case. We will scrutinize every last detail so that attorney Lockwood can build a strong defense against theft crimes.

Consultations And Advice When You Need It Most

Call us at 251-298-8554 or email us 24/7 for a consultation about your rights and options. We personally answer the phone, and welcome your call even if it is on a weeknight or weekend. Off-site consultations are an option.

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