How to handle your teenager’s federal arson charges

How to handle your teenager’s federal arson charges

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2024 | Criminal Defense

It is normal to feel shocked and overwhelmed if your teenager faces federal arson charges. However, it is in your child’s best interest for you to remain calm and to take the appropriate steps to support him or her.

Your teenager needs your understanding and guidance more than ever to help him or her navigate this stressful time in life.

Communicate openly about the incident

Juveniles account for about 50% of arson charges. Teenagers tend to have less impulse control and more difficulty controlling their emotions, which can lead to dangerous or criminal decisions without weighing the consequences. As a parent, you can help understand your teen’s perspective better by listening without criticism. Blaming your teen can result in a relationship breakdown and additional distrust.

Discuss mental or behavioral health

Consider seeking professional help for your teenager, such as therapy or counseling. Arson charges can indicate underlying issues such as anger, impulsivity or mental health concerns. In addition to mental health help for your teenager, seeking help can show accountability to the courts and help your child’s case.

Emphasize rehabilitation

Do not allow the charge to define your teenager. Discuss rehabilitation, community service and educational programs that can help your child learn and grow from his or her mistake. Treating children like criminals can reinforce the behavior and lead to recidivism.

As you work through the court system, focus on positive activities with your child. Learn to channel his or her energy in constructive ways to help build self-esteem and prevent future incidents.