5 factors that elevate a drug charge to a felony

5 factors that elevate a drug charge to a felony

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2024 | Criminal Defense

When it comes to drug charges, the severity can vary, and one of the most serious classifications is a felony.

According to the Pew Research Organization, more than one million people receive drug charges each year. Understanding what makes a drug charge a felony is important to navigating the legal landscape.

1. Type and quantity of the substance

The type and quantity of the controlled substance play a significant role in determining the severity of a drug charge. Generally, substances with a higher potential for abuse or those classified as narcotics are more likely to result in felony charges. Additionally, larger quantities of the substance may escalate the offense to a felony level.

2. Intent to distribute or sell

One key factor that can elevate a drug charge to a felony is the alleged intent to distribute or sell the controlled substance. Law enforcement often looks for evidence such as large amounts of cash, packaging materials or scales to support this claim. The intention to distribute raises concerns about the impact on the community and contributes to the seriousness of the charge.

3. Previous convictions

Prior convictions for drug-related offenses can substantially increase the severity of a new drug charge. Repeat offenses signal a pattern of behavior that may lead to harsher penalties. Courts take into account an individual’s history with drug-related offenses when determining the appropriate level of charges and sentencing.

4. Proximity to schools or public areas

If the alleged drug activity occurs near schools, parks or other public areas, the legal consequences can be more severe. The law aims to protect vulnerable populations, such as children, from exposure to drug-related activities. Offenses committed in close proximity to these areas are often treated with greater severity.

5. Aggravating factors

Certain aggravating factors, such as the involvement of minors or the use of weapons during a drug-related offense, can elevate the charges to a felony level. These factors indicate a higher level of risk and potential harm associated with the alleged drug activity.

Being aware of these factors can help individuals make informed decisions and take appropriate steps to address the charges they may be facing.