What is the Alabama Drug Trafficking Enterprise Act?

What is the Alabama Drug Trafficking Enterprise Act?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2022 | Drug Crimes

Alabama takes drug crimes seriously. For people who are accused of serious violations of the law regarding drugs, the charges and penalties can be significant. This is especially true if they are accused of being a drug trafficker. Alabama has specific laws and requirements that are in place for alleged drug traffickers.

Known as the Alabama Drug Trafficking Enterprise Act, it has criteria for which people might be charged as traffickers and face massive consequences if they are convicted. Understanding the levels of drugs that warrant these charges, the position of the person charged in a drug operation and what the penalties are is imperative when crafting a legal defense.

Understanding the Alabama Drug Trafficking Enterprise Act

Those who violate the state drug laws for cannabis, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, Fentanyl and other scheduled drugs will be charged for these crimes. They can be escalated to fall under the Alabama Drug Trafficking Enterprise Act if it were done with at least five other people and the person charged was a supervisor, organizer or managing of the operation. They must also receive a substantial income or resources from the endeavor. Substantial income is defined as any amount that goes beyond the state minimum wage.

The penalties based on this area of the law for a first conviction will include incarceration for at least 25 years or a mandatory term with the possibility of life in prison without the opportunity for parole. The fine can be $50,000 and up to half a million dollars. For a second conviction, there will be a mandatory life sentence with no parole. The fine will be at least $150,000 and up to 1 million dollars.

To combat drug trafficking enterprise charges, professional help is a must

In many of these cases, people do not fully realize the extent of the crimes they are accused of committing. It could have been someone who did not even understand that they might be charged under this law and are facing worse penalties than they would if they were alleged to have been involved in a smaller operation.

The simple matter of five other people being involved and the individual charged under this statute named as a top-level person can lead to these major penalties. It can impact people of any age, but younger people can have their entire lives upended by this type of accusation.

It is vital to know the potential penalties for these drug crimes when they might be charged under this law and if there are plea bargain options or other ways to seek a positive outcome. There may even be avenues of defense that can result in an acquittal.

Before thinking that the case is going to automatically result in being found guilty, having experienced and professional guidance can assess the charges and plot a viable defense. It is critical to have this type of assistance immediately.