How can you defend meth charges?

How can you defend meth charges?

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2021 | Drug Crimes

The penalties for drug charges related to methamphetamine possession, manufacturing, distribution or trafficking are severe.

Alabama law takes any use, sale or possession of this drug seriously. If law enforcement catches you with even a minimal amount of meth, you may face felony charges, potential jail time and significant fines.

Penalties for meth drug charges

Alabama classifies methamphetamine as a Schedule II controlled substance. The legal consequences of the possession, sale, delivery or manufacture of meth depend on critical factors of your case.

Drug weight

The law bases your charges and consequences on your intent. The primary way the law assesses intent is by weighing the amount of meth in your possession. In Alabama, possession of 28 grams or more of methamphetamine is a felony drug trafficking charge.


Police officers can seize your property if they have reason to believe it pertains to the drug charge. If you had possession of meth within 1,000 feet of a school, church, movie theater, or public park, you could face extreme penalties that are double the typical jail sentences and fines.

Defense options for meth charges

Felony drug charges can affect every area of your life. You may lose employment, serve jail time, face thousands of dollars in fines, and have a permanent criminal record. You can defend your case by looking at the facts of your circumstance:

  • Did the police officer have a search warrant or probable cause?
  • Is this a first-time drug offense?
  • Did the arresting officer read your rights to you?
  • Was the meth found during an illegal traffic stop?
  • Were you allowed to speak with a lawyer before police questioning?
  • Did law enforcement use violence or coercion during your arrest?

Methamphetamine charges have potentially serious consequences. Fighting felony drug charges require in-depth knowledge of Alabama laws.