Do Everything You Can To Avoid A Domestic Violence Conviction

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What Are The Consequences Of A Domestic Violence Charge?

Under Alabama law, domestic violence occurs when a violent act is committed by a person with an intimate partner or close family member, current or former. While most cases involve spousal abuse or significant others, it can include parents, children, siblings or anyone else who has lived in the same household.

Did you know that physical contact is not the only basis for a domestic violence charge? Police may arrest you based on intimidating text messages, stalking, or even bruises or scratches that they misconstrue as evidence of abuse.

Remember that prosecutors bring charges. This is important, because you could still be convicted even if the alleged victim recants or refuses to press charges. If you are convicted, you face:

  • Losing your right to own a gun permanently under federal law
  • Losing your right to vote in state and federal elections
  • Losing your job
  • Having a criminal record that affects future job opportunities, loan applications, residential rental applications or the admission process for higher education
  • Being forced out of your home by a restraining order while civil or criminal legal action is pending, something most families cannot afford financially
  • Being banned from contact with your children or forced to have supervised visitation
  • Deportation and other immigration consequences

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